The Extended Care Products
Home Selling Assistance Program

This is a Free Service to the Nursing and
Assisted Living Facility Community

Does your nursing or assisted living facility have residents and/or family members that need to sell a home? It may be because of government assistance program stipulations, or some other pressing reason. Extended Care Products has identified a major national home buyer, who has partnered with local home buyers in your region that’s interested in speaking with those you know that are looking to sell a house.

This is a FREE CONTACT SERVICE from us. Extended Care Products doesn’t require a fee from your facility or the home seller, if the house-in-question is sold. As a good-will gesture to our nation’s healthcare facilities we have agreed to act as point of contact in this process. It may be that the house must be sold before the new resident can come to stay with you, or again some other pertinent reason. No matter why, you are invited to CLICK HERE and complete some information. A specialized home buyer in your region will then get in touch with you to begin the process.

Please note that Extended Care Products doesn’t guarantee the house will be bought, or that if an offer is made on the property that the seller will agree to accept it. Extended Care Products is not home buyers or property appraisers. Our sole role is to put assisted living and nursing facilities together with potential home buyers. We are not liable for anything that does or doesn’t occur after this.

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